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Deadly Little Games (2010)

Deadly Little Games (2010)

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1423131606 (ISBN13: 9781423131601)
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About book Deadly Little Games (2010)

Ah. Odié la actitud de Camelia, tipo que no le bastaban suficientes psicópatas en su vida y va queriendo ayudar al enemigo de su novio.Ben también me desesperó, eso de no decirle a Camelia lo que veía me frustraba mucho.Spoiler¿¡Y eso de tomarse un tiempo!? Vaya porqueria, bien parece que les gusta sufrir. Noté cierta falta de interés hacia Ben por parte de Camelia, o sea, ¿los dos ex mejores amigos ya tuvieron problemas con una chica y vas y te metes ahí? No amiga, no.Nada más con que Camelia no se enamore de Adam, por favor. Camelia is a high school junior who struggles to understand her new powers of premonition. Her boyfriend, Ben, can read minds simply by touching an object associated with a person. When a friend’s life becomes threatened, Camelia is obsessed with protecting him. Things go from bad to worse when Adam’s stalker leaves deadly clues in crossword puzzles and paints threatening messages on his door. Suspects include Ben, who now seems to hate Adam, and Melissa, a girl whom Adam recently dated. Will Camelia be able to stop whoever is threatening Adam? Read "Deadly Little Games" to find out the answer!

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it seems like at the end of every book something has to happen to camelia, which is kinda annoying.

It was awesome. I love it, it was so interesting. I jist had to keep pn reading it.

someone please tell me, is Wes gay?

dissapointed with the ending

Great series so far!!

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