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De Smaak Te Pakken (2011)

De smaak te pakken (2011)

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9021876582 (ISBN13: 9789021876580)
Luitingh - Sijthoff B.V.

About book De Smaak Te Pakken (2011)

My first Jill Mansell. This year is turning out to be a year of chic-lits for some reason. Oh well.It took my awhile to get through the book only because I was taking on multiple books but it was always a joy to get back to. It was sweet and went right to the point so there wasn't too much dillydallying and no extremely emotional parts or ridiculous silliness that made me want to rip my hair out.The misunderstanding/hiding the truth parts were somewhat annoying but I suspect that was the point of the book to portray Ellie's growth.Overall, it was an enjoyable book and perhaps I will continue add Mansell to my authors-to-follow list. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I feel extremely fickle because every book I read by Mansell seems to become my favorite as I slowly but surely make my way through all of them.Now that I have six of her books under my belt, I am seeing so many patterns. There always seems to be infidelity; a good friend of the opposite sex with whom the main character tries to date, then fails and then that guy goes out with her friend instead; and a good guy patiently (well, sometimes) waiting in the wings. I could have sworn I found more patterns, but they seem to have slipped my mind as I write this. Regardless, this is an amazing book and I highly recommend it.

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Just the cute book I needed to satiate my hopeless romantic hunger :)

Absolutely amazing, loved the story line and a very enjoyable read

Great story, as always, by this author!

The perfect chick lit holiday read!

very entertaining, great book

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