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Days Of Blood & Starlight (2012)

Days of Blood & Starlight (2012)

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0316133973 (ISBN13: 9780316133975)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About book Days Of Blood & Starlight (2012)

Whew! Once again, it took me a while to get into this volume, but this time it was because in the months since I had read Daughter of Smoke & Bone I had forgotten so much, and it took me a long time to get with it again. Lovely writing. Slow moving, but original and every now and then, a sudden unexpected twist gives you a wow. Like Book I, the over-all tone is depressing, hopeless, black, but by now we are beginning to believe that somehow it's all going to turn out all right in the end. I expect a lot of suffering before that. I have Book III sitting on the shelf awaiting my pleasure, but I feel a bit of computer gaming is necessary to clear my mind. There are so many books out there,and each on is like an adventure.Laini Taylor's writing always makes me feel like I'm home reading her books.Its effortlessly enjoyable to slip into her world and revel in the luxury of that moment.Her skill is truly magical and every word draws me closer and closer to the story.Her characters feel like they belong to me,were made for me and only me and not to mention they are impossibly charming.The story itself was brimming with creativity just like the first,and we were able to experience a different kind of life in the second book that makes me so much more eager to see what the third will bring.the character's have been exposed and that has changed them in so many ways. I look forward to seeing them develop even more.The only small,tiniest problem was that while the whole book was definitely enjoyable,I wasn't entirely satisfied with the first quarter of the story.I felt that it could have had more...intensity. When I first picked up Daughter of smoke and Bone, I was wary and not sure what to expect but grew to love it,and the same goes for bk 2.I really regret not reading Day's of Blood and Starlight sooner.Laini has built an extremely creative structure for her magic and because I read the second book after so long I couldn't remember all of it so I couldn't enjoy some parts of the story to it's fullest.It only took a few chapters to fall back into the system but I'm going to make sure not to wait this long for the third book.

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I need to binge this series to actually focus on the story. I'm in such a reading slump

OH MY GOD!!!I can't find words to discuss this book. That's all I want to say...

4.5? Beginning was kind of slow but the last few hundred pages were insane!

Can't wait to read the final book in the series.

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