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Días De Sangre Y Resplandor (2013)

Días de sangre y resplandor (2013)

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About book Días De Sangre Y Resplandor (2013)

The fight continues and what fight.Avika and Karou are now enemies in her eyes or is she wrong?she helps her own to stand up again.She feels so alone, but at that moment her friends find her and later Avika gives her back another friend. when she finds out Thiago is even more evil than she thoughts unexpected things happen. I am looking forward to read the next book in this seriesgreat fantasy series.couldn't stop reading This book!! I was tempted to already write a review halfway through, because I was so MOVED TO TEARS (which I am not that easily by books). Laini Taylor is a master of storytelling. I already loved Daughter of Smoke & Bone, and I didn't expect the sequel would be just as good. It exceeded all expectations. Her imagination and writing style are both things to be jealous of: the creatures, with all their strange, fascinating, unique features; the beautiful descriptions of Prague as well as this other world she has created; the way this book touches upon the horrors of war and corruption that make it so realistic, regardless of the fact that this war is between magical creatures. And it even contains humour. Especially the scenes containing her human friends. They're so real and so relatable, you just have to love them. And the plot keeps twisting and surprising.I can't wait to read the next one (the last one in the series, already? I want it go on forever).

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Loved the second book even more than the first and can't wait to start the third.

I loved this book can wait to read the third book.

4.4 stars

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