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Das Haus Der Madame Rose (2011)

Das Haus Der Madame Rose (2011)

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3827010330 (ISBN13: 9783827010339)
Bloomsbury Berlin

About book Das Haus Der Madame Rose (2011)

Interesting concept. If the book taught me anything, it was how temporary things are and houses are houses, home though is the people that live there. The material world can't be that important. This is a lesson the older generation needs to accept. Rose was a lovely lady. Her story was aptly told. She did the best she could with her husband and children, but there seemed to be something missing. In a way, the ending reveals how locked inside herself this woman stayed. The art of giving and sharing make one emotionally attached. Her daughter is the result of Rose's autonomy. I took a chance at this book when looking at it in the local library. It sounded nice and the first few pages where intriguing, so I checked it out. The book is well written and it is an easy read, but I guessed the ending when I was still in the early stages of the book. Again it is a good book but it did not challenge my mind. Kinda like reading on autopilot.Also I couldn't sympathize with the main character *spoilers ahead* I mean yes it is sad that the house that you called home is going to be torn down for the sake of remaking Paris. But making everyone think you have gone somewhere else just so you can hide out in the basement so when demolition begins you can die with your house? Really?

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I tried to force myself to finish the book. But it was too boring. I just could not keep reading.

Very interesting and touching tale about the renovation of paris in the 19th century

Very evocative descriptions created a wonderful atmosphere.


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