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Darkness Dawns (2011)

Darkness Dawns (2011)

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1420118617 (ISBN13: 9781420118612)

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Sarah and Roland start off this series meeting by way of him being chased by vampires, and her deciding to save him with her shovel. There were a few reasons really contributing to not giving this book a better rating-- and I feel like they're understandable and relatable reasons.a) I felt like this book was an add for organic food and vegetables a bit. Like before any food was served or talked about the characters had slightly strange, non-natural sounding dialogue being like "organic natural vegetables and hormone free meat" ...things that you hear on a TV ad for such foods. It was sort of forced sounding and nothing anyone would naturally say. People would most likely mention it once and not say "organic" before every piece of food mentioned otherwise.b) seriously. a prius as a car? that's a supposedly Alpha male car? It could have at least been a Tesla. or a Hybrid bmw. or something just as environmentally friendly without making me eyeroll mid book going "oh god a Prius."c) I don't feel like the difference between "immortal guardian" and "vampire" was enough. I feel like there should be something more exciting about the Immortal Guardians other than the fact they have some semblance of power (apparently anything from random dream reading to healing) Otherwise this book had a decent plot, and a good relationship between characters. The ending was as expected with no cliffhangers -- and there are clearly subsequent books for other Immortals mentioned. Ugh. It was a romance novel and it had supernatural creatures in it. Save me from the world of Sookie Stackhouse! All right. It was a freebie, surprise, and a recommendation from a friend. I should mention that she only reads romance novels. Harry Potter was too much for her. With that being said, I read it and it was a waste of my time. I think these romance novelists must all get together and agree to use the same adjectives and set ups for their characters. It was all wooden and I couldn't care less about them or their situations. I give it two stars because this author wrote a book that somebody liked enough to publish, so good for her.

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**½ StarsOK, good enough that I will read the next one. Overall, meh.

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good. happy ending. lots of action, romance...

Hot, sexy i love this story :P


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