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Darke (2011)

Darke (2011)

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006124242X (ISBN13: 9780061242427)
Katherine Tegen Books

About book Darke (2011)

بله درست دیدین ... پنج:))هرچقدر جلدای دو و پنج کسل کننده بود این جلد هیجان انگیز بود ... که البته پشت جلد کتابم نوشته هیجان انگیز ترین جلد:-"این جلد داستان دارک شده بود ... سیاهی ( صیاهی :) ) کل قلعه رو گرفته و برعکس جلدای اول که انگار نویسنده دلش نمیومد برای کاراکتراش چالش ایجاد کنه تو این کتاب اینقدر مشکل ایجاد کرد که من هی داشتم فکر میکردم چجوری تا آخر کتاب میخواد اینا رو حل کنه در کل خیلی عالی بود :)نشر افق قرار بود نمایشگاه کتاب قبلی جلد آخر رو بیاره ولی هنوز که هنوزه از جلد بعد خبری نیست :/ :| Well typically I try to refrain from writing a specific review if I let several days pass after finishing it, but in this case I must make an exception, because I have to remind myself how this series really lost its charm along the way and I probably shouldn't spend the money on the last one. This book took me a long time to get through and while I adored revisiting the characters and places that I came to love over these six books, I really had a hard time following the storyline in this one. It was a lot of action and suspense, but it didn't seem organic and it took too long to resolve. Perhaps I've been reading more YA and less children's lately, so I expected more, or maybe my own personal tastes are changing, but this book was not good enough. I also am really sick of all her capitalization and bold type words by this sixth book too. It's not easy on the eyes or easy to read and it comes across as if she thinks her reader is dumb. I know the intended demographic is children, but still give them a bit more credit. They can understand that something is meant to be a magic or "Magyk" without capitalizing it, making the word bold font AND also (in case two distinctions wasn't enough) spelling it in an unusual way... like seriously, maybe just pick one?! I guess maybe after six books I'd just had enough. It maybe should've been three books like so many series today. I don't know. I really tried to like it. I wanted to like it. I liked all the others, but this one fell flat and I can't take the annoying choppiness to the font by having it constantly change. It was such a strain on my eyes. Blah.

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another 49 chapters of a winding tale ... on to book 7

This book was one of the best I have ever read.

My favorite book in the series.

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