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Curran, Vol. I (2010)

Curran, Vol. I (2010)

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Ilona Andrews

About book Curran, Vol. I (2010)

OMG!!!!I love reading Curran POV, it adds so much more depth to those Curran Kate scenes which really makes the KD series so yummy. So I end up having to re-read the same scene Kate POV. Much squealing, giggling, and laughing out loud is involved when reading this book. The odd scene here and there is mildly disconcerting, cause you just want to read on and on about Curran and Kate, but actually I kinda appreciate that it's not a proper book, cause from past experience when the exact same story is retold, it loses a bit of the original charm. This, is perfect. ★★★+/★★★★ In no way essential to the story, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Particularly the scene where Curran fed Kate chicken soup while he pondered his feelings for her, weighed the implications, decided he wanted his little "idiot mouse", and then went for the kill, so to speak ;-)Although, the scene where Curran decided Kate was his, whether she accepted it or not, was pretty good too.Come to think of it: It was all good;-)

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So glad they did these. Definitely worth reading.

interesting from Curren's view point.

I enjoyed reading this book.

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