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Cryer's Cross (2011)

Cryer's Cross (2011)

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1416994815 (ISBN13: 9781416994817)
Simon Pulse

About book Cryer's Cross (2011)

I started buying McMann books for my library, and perhaps many of my readers will be too young to appreciate them. This one is so singularly creepy, and it takes a lot of patience to keep involved if you are a younger teen. One of my students started it, but didn't like it. I had to read it to know why. That is when I realized that it was so character-driven and so slow-paced, this girl (who needs action and drama that is faster to bubble up) wrote it off. I think that it would make a great horror movie with some tweaking. Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann I have read the wake series by Lisa McMann a few years ago and I loved it so when I saw this book for $3 at Books a Million I couldn't say no.  There is a lot of tension that builds throughout the entire book but it isn't until the last few chapters that we even get a hint to what is going on.  I liked how Kendall is so different from other main characters that I have read about in the past.

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This was a good suspense book. I really liked it. Gave me the creeps but not too bad.

No es una mala lectura, pero da yuyu... Y la protagonista es rarita que no veas.

The ending was really sad to the rest of the book was sublimely creepy.

This is a sick twisted book. But it's good

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