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Crown Of Midnight (2013)

Crown of Midnight (2013)

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1619630621 (ISBN13: 9781619630628)
Bloomsbury USA Childrens

About book Crown Of Midnight (2013)

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!THE FEELINGS. I CANT WITH THE FEELINGS.Odudhebemsof Fue tan genial y luego cuando llego y jfieidk y ldosie.Ignoren mis delirios, pero este libro ha sido el culpable de que a las 6 am no pueda dormir. Si. Probablemente mañana quedaré inconsciente en la mesa cuando sea la comida, pero por ahora (al igual que toda la noche) Fangirleara*-*Deepuesde aclarar mi cabeza, haré una reseña decente. The depth and breadth of this book (and this series) is incredible! Celaena Sardothian is probably the strongest female protagonist I have read about in a long time. A lot of the time I feel that the second book is always lack-luster within a series as it's merely a guide for the reader along the journey, instead of introducing or concluding us, however Crown of Midnight WAS the exception.The only thing I was disappointed about was the lack of interactions between Celaena and Dorian. Simply because I love their dynamic and think they bring something really special to the story. Also because no matter how much the masses ship Chaol and Celaena together I refuse to to get on board. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS (TEAM DORIAN) SHIP. I WON'T PUT MY HANDS UP AND SURRENDER.Enough said. Loved all the killing scenes when Celaena chops up people like she's chopping vegetables (dear god, what does that say about me?). Loved the fake assassinations. Loved when she murdered Grave and chopped off his head. LOVED EVERYTHING!!! R.I.P Nehemia :'( though.Can't wait for Heir of Fire woooooohooooooo!

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Much much better than the first book, although the romance shit makes me want to poke my eyes.

Sequels are usually a mere shadow of the first book, but this really was excellent

I need the next book right now! why am I so foolish to not have it at me house!

I-I-I-I-I-I-I can't even-flipping amazing read this now!!!!!!!

4.5 but only because Throne of glass raised my expectations.

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