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Craving Redemption (2014)

Craving Redemption (2014)

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About book Craving Redemption (2014)

Damn bit this one kickass book to read and what a emotional rollercoaster it was too. I really liked the idea of telling Asa and Callie's story backwards so we could really see how things came to be. You just couldn't help but root for them through everything they came up against and then I wanted to slap them both upside their heads so they could get some sense into them for once. Now I can't wait for Casper's book and more thrilling things. I have been on an MC binge for the past few days, and this author has definitely caught my attention. I feel like her writing has gotten tighter even from the first book in the series to this one. Asa, or Grease, and Callie were so compelling together. Their story was heartbreaking and yet it pulls you in and you see the beauty of them, as well. Asa and Callie are brought together by so many random flukes, and yet, he saves her life. He saves her life, but he also damns her life, as well. He acts on instinct to save her in one situation, and this leads to the life that she has been living being over and done with. She is now in danger from a group that Asa has no control over, and he must save her - even though she is still only 16 years old. Thus, begins their long journey. Asa claims Callie and eventually makes her his, but they are still separated by distance, as she has to live apart from him to finish growing up and yet be near some family. He visits her often and is committed to her, but she is still broken and struggling against feeling too indebted to him for what he has done for her. Each and every time they are able to take one step forward in their relationship, something else in life happens to hold them back. Callie, without realizing it, holds a lot of anger and resentment towards Asa and towards his club, the Aces, for their part in how her life turned out. She must work through this, just as he has to learn how to treat her the way that she deserves to be treated. This book really has it all - there is so much danger and angst caused by too many bad decisions. Asa chooses the club in one too many situations when he should have chosen Callie, and this impacts when they are able to be together with one another. It impacts his own life in a very real way, actually. I love how this author begins to bring other aspects of the club's story into this book. We see Casper, who is mentioned in the first book, as he is Callie's brother, Cody. And, you meet Farrah, who has a really messed up story that I can't wait to read!

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good characters! good story! lots of drama to keep you reading almost constantly till you are done.

Loved this entire series!

Loved this book :)

loved it!!!

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