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Craving Constellations (2000)

Craving Constellations (2000)

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About book Craving Constellations (2000)

I've read this book a few times now and it's really gotten better each time. I think this is one of my favorite MC genre books. One of the things I like about it is there's not the element of cheating as a lot of the MC books are written. Sometimes you wonder it might happen, but that's not the focus and it doesn't. The book is also told in alternating points of view so you're immersed in both character's emotions. It's all not easy going for Brenna when she returns, but you feel the connection and love between these people.I was rather alarmed at the few physical scenes between Brenna and Dragon. The big one is explained and addressed as part of the story line. The one that initially bugged me was at the beginning when she returns to the compound and Dragon grabs her by the neck. Considering what had happened to her with her husband, I was surprised she did not react to the physical contact. The only thing I can think of is that she's trusted Dragon all along and knows he would never intentionally harm her. It's a leap since they only knew each other a day or two 5 years ago, but the whole story is about their connection to each other and you wind up taking that leap.I've since read book 2 and 3 in this series. This can easily be read as a standalone, but the male characters in those books are introduced here. The timelines also cross a bit, but again, you're fine with reading this alone. Where to begin with this book; let’s start with this weak “ass” heroine. She annoyed me to no end. Would have rated this book higher but the "heroine" pissed me off. She was such a coward running away and hiding a child from its true father who she felt wasn't good enough but married an abusive douchebag. I just didn’t get it why the hell she stayed especially since her father and baby’s father were these “outlaw” MC’s. The first time that the punk hit her she should high tailed her a*% out of there and had her father and his crew take care of him for her. One other thing I don't like how everyone was so willing to forgive Dragon for hitting her once he found out her other secrets. Forget the damn code of the MC’s anyone puts their hand on my kid would have been dead, for this Poet lost big points to me as a dad for not whooping Dragon’s ass but you were willing to whoop his ass for sleeping with her 5 years before(insert eye-roll). Another thing I felt that this MC crew were spineless. The heroine's abusive husband just drives into the compound and nobody stops him. How does the guard of a notorious outlaw gang just let someone roll up on their territory without asking what their business is? Then to further compound it the jerk off abusive husband starts disrespecting Brenna and no one smoked him. I'm sorry I've read other MC books and that sucker would have been dead as soon as they found out his name and what he did to Brenna. This book had good potential but its needs to toughen up its MC’s some more. I’ll give the rest of the books in the series a try and see if the rest of the MC’s balls have dropped as yet!

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I just wasn't a fan. I don't know... I skimmed a lot maybe it just wasn't for me at the time.

I love love love this book!

4-4.5 stars

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