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Counting By 7s (2013)

Counting by 7s (2013)

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0803738552 (ISBN13: 9780803738553)

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As much as this must've seemed like more of a children's book, it was exceptionally really, really good. The plot was very genuine, and quite relateable for many other people in this world. Putting myself in Willow's shoes, it must've been really difficult for something like that to happen to her. (No spoilers, don't worry). I really liked this book. It had many life lessons that could be learned by anyone. Counting by 7s by Holly Sloan On this book a genius girl who know one really understands, is meets several horrible trials that will forever Chang who she is. Through poverty, hurt, and healing this book will hold on to your hart strings. You will find your self very attached to all the characters and hopping for the best for all of them. This book truly teaches you how know matter what you go through in life you can make it through with the help of family and friends. Most importantly though you can make it through with hard work and, positive outlook on life.

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