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Comfort Food (2010)

Comfort Food (2010)

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About book Comfort Food (2010)

It was too rushed for me. With something so complex as a bsdm relationship it should be savored even in writing it in a story. I just completed another book "stolen" its not sexual plot but its sort of reminds of this book but its a beautifully complex book. Well written and I wished the author of Stolen could of made it more sexual relationship. I did like the idea of a stranger wanting her and wanting to make her submissive it sounded different. The man not talking was also another angle that I found creative and exotic. I didn't see the attraction of bleeding and blood -none of it seemed appealing. I also thought the main character could of put up more a realistic fight to leave, it all was written a little flat. Its a short read and and kind of entertaining. Unlike the other reader's reviews the violence, submissive tactics were not written in a way that effected my mood to give me a shock factor. I read a motor cycle club book "Iron Sinners"- now that book was like whoa totally shocking. I even think "Ice Queen" by ms hill was written with more built up trust, submissive partner & master situations and lots of shocking factors. I absolutely hated this book. Both characters were twisted fucks who deserved each other. If your into the whole dom/sub thing then i guess yeah go for it. But if you believe a woman should have an ounce of self worth and that a man should be more than a egocentric, manipulative asshole who abuses a humans basic needs to get what he wants then i suggest you look elsewhere. I guess it is my fault i was foolish enough not to read the description going in i thought this book was a psychological thriller and not a romance or erotica or whatever the heck it is. Both characters were deplorable and just oh so frustrating to read. P.s. My hate for this book is fundamentally based on my feminist ideals. The author did a great job at presenting the story. The psychological thriller aspect i was seeking was well done. This is a good story, but the characters were frustrating enough to earn this book such a low ranking.

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Story ended too soon. Nonetheless, it was an interesting read and yeah,i like it.

Not for everyone or even most people. I really enjoyed it, but I'm twisted.

This book was fucking weird. I loved it.

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