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Coma (2014)

Coma (2014)

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0316334464 (ISBN13: 9780316334464)
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I've read 2 novels by Robin Cook. The other one being Chromosome 6. The overall style of them is similar.The story focuses on a third year medical student who just starts clinical rotations at the Boston Memorial Hospital. On her very first day she takes interest in a patient who fell into a coma after a minor surgery. When shortly after another patient suffers the same fate, she feels a need to determine the cause. At first, much to the dismay of the resident who is responsible for her. He later becomes an unlikely ally in her quest.Some aspects of the story have aged a bit (which is not surprising given that the book was written in the 70's). Especially the issues with women in medicine seem outdated (at least I assume and hope that's the case). According to the foreword by the author, the main theme (illegal human organ harvesting) is still a concern. The story progresses quickly enough. Some suspension of disbelief is required however; some things the main character does in order to get ahead with her investigation seem a bit far fetched even if she weren't merely a medical student. The story ends immediately after the climax. I would've liked to know if the US government was involved or not, which was never made clear.A solid 4. الرواية جميلة ومشوقة ولكن الحبكة ضعيفة، من غير المعقول أن تجري كامل أحداث الرواية في مدة ثلاثة أيام فقط وهي فترة قصيرة جداً مقارنة بضخامة الأحداث، بالإضافة لذلك جميع الشخصيات كانت هامشية فيما عدا البطلة سوزان رغم أن عدد صفحات الرواية يفوق 450 صفحة، لا توجد شخصية أخرى غير سوزان يمكن أن يتأثر مسار القصة بخروجها حتى الشخصية الشريرة الرئيسية، الرواية كانت أشبه بمونولوج.

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Great read! Just wish the ending would have had more closure.

Interesting, captivating and unputtdownable

simply amazing

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