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Club Shadowlands (2009)

Club Shadowlands (2009)

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I read this book a few years ago, it was one of my first introductions to the BDSM genre. Fabulous read then and again now. I love feisty Jessica, it was great to visit with her again. Seeing her first interactions with Master Z, her wonder at experiencing the club for the first time and the heady feeling of falling in love. At the time, it did not feel like BDSM 101, because it was my first time experiencing it as well. Now it has a very educational feel but a great story to back it up. Characters introduced in this book are leads throughout the rest of the series. So wonderful meeting them again! This is a fabulous series and still one of my favorites.The Master Z empathy angle is a little odd. Everything else in the series is so normal, that this sticks out as different and not really needed. Still, it is interesting to have him so in tune with everything that happens in his club.I love the mixed narrative, getting both Jess and Z's POV is important to understanding their whole dynamic. It also makes the romance more engaging. I am not sure I would be into the lifestyle, but I certainly enjoy reading about it. This series puts you into the mindset of the people who live this kind of life and helps you understand them better.I listened to the audiobook narrated by Noah Michael Levine, who is scrumptious! His tone is just as yummy as the words coming out of his mouth. He does make Jessica a touch too breathy at times and I am never a fan of sound effects. Hearing actual spanking was a touch off putting. He has a terrific pace and energy that he brings to the read. I definitely hope to hear more of this yummy voice!Overall, I was thrilled to come back to the beginning of a series I have loved for a few years. I hope they will all be released in audio! This way I can finally catch up on the latest book! 2.5 stars. I've heard if you want to read about true BDSM, this is the go to author, and I have to agree. The realism behind it, not what happened but the realness of the people, show this to be true. BDSM is not my thing. As a result, I didn't like this per se. It's not my cup of tea. But wanted to read something that wasn't an abusive jerk tied up with a BDSM bow. Master Z is a genuinely nice guy who enjoys this kind of kink. And that worked for me. He treated Jessica well and for her part, she wasn't a sniveling doormat. This book would have received higher marks if it had been a rounder story, some activities outside the club for example.Not bad, not something I'll continue, but definitely something I'd recommend.

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