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Clash (2000)

Clash (2000)

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This book was a bit frustrating. Because Luce dissapointed me a bit. Jude is cute as ever of course. But I just wanted to say, that it annoyed me a bit that she was running hot and cold constantly. The book starts with both of them being at college. They are in love, and when Luce finds out that some girl is interested in Jude. That's when The Beast breaks loose! She's just a little tick too jealous. Jude isn't interested though, but he can't make it clear to her. I think this books is about how unsure Lucy is about their relationship. Because Jude has stuck his neck out for her several times, but she didn't and I think it's time that she did it too. "I will gladly entertain and endure any and all bouts of jealous, angry sex you want to toss my way." -Jude"You're the only one I see out there Luce." -JudeWhen they're going through ups and downs, breaks ups and make ups, there's this moment that I'll probably remember the best about this book. And that's the wisdom from this little boy. "Mom told me that love is like a seed. You've got to plant it to grow. But that's not all. You need to water it. The sun needs to shine just enough, but not too much. The roots have to take hold." -The cute little boy.When they break up and there isn't a make in sight everything seems to be lost. "Jude's eyes looked like they could have spilled tears.'You left me.' "But then there's Lucy's mom and she gives her a bit of advice that I think everyone needs to remember. This is one of the things I love about the book, that's that we get to know her mom a bit better through this scene, because I thought she was a bit, .... Dark?"Go get your man. Go be happy and miserable together." -Mrs. LarsonThis is how we get our old Lucy back. She sticks her neck out for him and when we begin to think that he will leave her hanging, he doesn't. Okay, BIG SPOILER COMING UP! He proposes! And it's cute as hell! In the middle of the football field. There's an epoligue this time. And it's super! I wasn't excited about this book while the rollercoaster was going up and down but when they both decide that they want to do what is needed it's great. They got a studio together and are living a difficult life together. They cope and drive hours up and down, just to get to be together. I love this unconditional love! I give this book 4 shattering stars. And this time I chose a song from Taylor Swifts new CD "1989", it's called "Out Of The Woods"."And I remember thinking, are we out of the woods yet?""But the monsters turned out to be just trees."-Taylor Swift No entiendo todo el odio que recae en Lucy por ser "insegura". Sí, lo es. Es una muchacha insegura que realmente necesita saber qué quiere en la vida, pero que más aún necesita una figura medianamente responsable en su vida que le diga cuán tóxica es su relación con un Jude que si bien no es "malo", realmente necesita ayuda profesional. Si bien el primer libro me resultó simpático/divertido, creo que esta vez se juegan con los límites entre problemas de pareja y una relación tóxica, codependiente, y absurdamente apoyada por aparentemente todo el entorno de ambos, que ven la relación como algo absolutamente normal. Y eso sin mencionar a Adriana Vix (actually, la única parte NORMAL del libro, tanto que raya en cliché), o el desastroso epílogo que en la vida real no tendría un resultado bueno ni que le rezáramos a todos los santos.1.5 estrellas, y creo que es demasiado.

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Loved it... Goes thru all the insecurities a girl could have.

(Paperback $4.99 via Bookoutlet)


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