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Chew Nº 02: Gusto Internacional (2010)

Chew nº 02: Gusto internacional (2010)

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About book Chew Nº 02: Gusto Internacional (2010)

This is becoming one of my favorite comic series. I love Tony Chu. Both volumes I have read so far have had terrific mystery storylines that are a little twisted. I can't imagine eating the things that Chu eats to solve mysteries. In this volume, I liked that the author brought back Chu's former partner and paired them back up. They have a good camaraderie that adds some interesting turns in the storyline. After waiting what seemed forever for Vol. 2 to arrive in the library, I finally got to read it! Worth the wait for sure, but like your favourite meal, it's over too soon unless you savour and take your time. Tony is reunited with a face from the past, and picks up with other characters from Vol. 1. The plot is just as ludicrous, but that's the fun here. The characters are colourful, the 'power' Chu has is hilariously visceral, and I actually enjoy it the wilder and sillier it gets...(Cliffhanger! Cliffhanger!!! CLIFFHANGER!!!)A great follow up from Vol. 1. Tasty series with a lot of flavour.

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Even better than the first one (don't ask me how that's possible).

Continued greatness.


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