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Chasing McCree (2012)

Chasing McCree (2012)

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Really cute YA story. My granddaughter loaned me this book and it might actually be a 4.5 for me. The story is probably a bit unbelievable, but that's okay, I loved it anyway. And any girl reading it who would not like to find a cowboy like Chance is...well crazy. I loved Briar who is a rich girl/cheerleader in Florida but not happy about anything in her life. That is where the similarity to so many YA stories with a similar situation ends. Chance is perceived by those in their exclusive school to be a hick from the country, and he has come to spend his senior year with his mom. He is much much more than meets the eye, but then so is Briar. Chance is honorable in every way and although he is only 18 he is very grown up. That is not unbelievable considering the responsibility he had put on him at a very young age and the upbringing he has had. There are some humorous parts in the book and especially with Briar's hairdresser who is very funny. When she hates the $600 dress her mother picked out for her to wear to a dance, he runs out to a friend's vintage shop and finds her one that suits her better. Later in the book when Chance meets him..... well a funny scene. Chance and Briar take on an adventure together when they travel to his ranch in Montana in his truck and with his horse in a trailer. I think this is why my granddaughter loaned the book to me. I lived a great deal of my life on a cattle ranch and raising horses, so this story was really double fun for me to read. There are also some special dogs in the story to make ranch life even more real. The author did a good job of portraying life on a ranch of that size, the characters on that ranch were wonderful and authentic, and the ranch events were believable. The situation between Briar and Chance was a little unreal, but it was fun to read anyway. It's a clean book, a few off color words here and there, but a lot of cursing and bad words is offensive to me, and this was not. No sex, lots of kissing as it progressed, but no off color scenes. I have to say I really enjoyed it as a book to simply read and smile. Oh my God I loved this book! It was awesome! I don't even know why I waited so long before reading it! It was an amazing read! It made me smile and laugh so much! I loved first of all Chase. He was perfect! So sweet, cute, caring, sexy, hot, lovely, protective, kind, a kickass cowboy.... And then some! I totally fell in love with him. Briar was an amazing female character. I liked her a lot. She was totally kickass! When she hit that stupid jerk asshole with the book and then punched him the next day, I was all "Go girl! You rock!" Hahaha! She's a fighter. And brave. And sweet. And strong. I also liked a lot her Grandma. The best grandma ever! And so funny! Briar's grandparents cracked me up! Alex was really a stupid jerk and asshole. Made me sick. His friend (Nathan?) too. Briar's parents were awful!!! I was like "WTF?!?!" Rick was creepy. No other words. Aunt Millie was sweet. And Uncle Jerry too. The story was beautiful and I enjoyed it so much! I loved Briar and Chase together. I think they're one of my favorite couples in books! Sweet and hot! So cute! If you haven't yet, then you MUST get yourself a copy and read this book! Recommended? Hell, yes!

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really good book so happy I got to reread it got to love the cowboy

Sweet but a little too unbelievable for me.

Una pérdida de tiempo.

Susper cuchi cuchura.

3.5 Stars

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