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Changeless (2010)

Changeless (2010)

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0316074144 (ISBN13: 9780316074148)

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Keeping myself in "parody" mode, I attacked this book with a vengeance! Our witty, no-nonsense heroine is back for another round. This time it includes ancient artifacts, espionage, playful matrimonial banter, and left me with such sadness at the end. Very well done!I would actually rate this book at 3 1/2 stars. There were some inconsistencies and the book was largely predictable. Except the conclusion at the end. I didn't see that one. Inconsistencies such as she scratched her husband behind the ears when he was in wolf form, but he didn't change back. In the previous book it is clear if she touches him at all, in any way, he immediately changes back. As far as the predictable plot is concerned... let's just say that out of 7 things, I had figured out 6 of them before they were revealed. And I'm not that smart.Over all, it was a quick, enjoyable read. It's a great way to pass a rainy day, or evening in. Especially if you don't want to really be around other people and just want to get away to recharge your batteries. I kept getting interrupted over the last few months while listening to this audio and almost gave up entirely; I am so, so glad I didn't! This, the second in the Parasol Protectorate series, is fantastic - hysterical, sexy, clever, mysterious, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. I laughed out loud more than once (ah, drunken Ivy), and the ending walloped me right in the gut. What an addictive series, especially the audio as narrated by the excellent Emily Gray. I'm ready for the third!

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These books are a lot of fun to read. Great fiction, no, but very entertaining.

The Parasol Protectorate is a wonderful series. This is a great installment.


Didn't expect the twist at the end.

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