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Blameless (2010)

Blameless (2010)

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0316074152 (ISBN13: 9780316074155)

About book Blameless (2010)

I feel compelled to say that this book was better than Changeless, but I'm not sure. Reasons why it was better:- some insight into Alexia's soulless condition- historical perspectives on vampires, werewolves, and the preternatural set- Ivy got her head on straight and finally started acting like someone Alexia would be friends with- LESS LOONTWILLS- Lyall was awesome- Italy!Reasons why it was worse:- Templars: Carriger just dropped this hugely important sect into her books without much explanation or background. A huge oversight for someone who takes great pains to describe every damn ruffle on Alexia's dresses or feather on Ivy's hats- entirely too many escape/attack scenes- the Earl and Alexia's make up. Disappointment! So I can't decide. Better or worse?Carriger still portrays her gay characters has flat and stereotypical, despite featuring Madame Lefoux in the entire novel. Everything we learn about her just feeds into the stereotypes Carriger uses to construct the lesbian French scientist. I really adore this series - I love the characters and the world building even more as I continue reading! It's very witty and humorous. The writing style is wonderfully fun and smarmy. The cross-over of characters from the Finishing School series is always exciting to me and well done. There's so much potential and I enjoy having other characters I love pop up and interact with Alexia and her charms. I suppose the plot line is simplistic, but the wide variety of characters and their boisterous/ridiculous/entertaining personalities is really what makes this series so fantastic!

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Another book that didn't really appeal to me - I need to stop picking up books set in other era's.

3.5 this wasn't the best of the series so far but it was entertaining enough

I'm cutting through this series like warm butter and enjoying every minute of it.

4 stars.

Love it

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