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Cast In Silence (2009)

Cast in Silence (2009)

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Well I haven't written a review for any novel in this series yet but this time I have to. I really like these books. I like the characters, I like the setting, I like the stories. What I don't like is how unfinished every interaction with Nightshade is. It's maddening. The author hints at some greater purpose and Nightshade generally helps out in each novel but in the Epilogues the author never mentions him - it's like he's completely unimportant. Get on with subplot between him and Kaylin already! Having just finished the unbelievably intense Revivalist series (Rachel Caine), I feel the need to return to Elantra...I am reading the Chronicles of Elantra for the first time; when I read them again, I will not pause to read other books between Fury and Silence. Silence is even more about the magic, and I had a little trouble remembering previous magical revelations. Kaylin is continuing to grow up; her friends are continuing to grow and change as well.

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This is also a very good book in this series. The story is becoming more and more intriguing!

4 ½ Stars - Audiobook.

Best one so far!


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