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Captivated By You (2014)

Captivated by You (2014)

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0425273865 (ISBN13: 9780425273869)
Penguin Random House

About book Captivated By You (2014)

HUGE disappointment!! Book 4 wasn't worth the weight in Santa's sleigh. I knew there would be the usual F-Bombs and C words. That seems to be her style of writing after reading the first three. I, however am not going to wait for book 5. The more I read, the more unbelievable the story became. MAYBE if she made the characters older... but again book 4 seemed to just be fillers. The sad part was NOT remembering the significance of secondary characters, i.e. Ann Lucas, couldn't remember who she was. The problem waiting over a year to realease the new book. Being able to read this book from Gideon's perspective really made this book for me. Sylvia has said that the last 2.5 books in this series are more about Gideon's story than anything else and it really shows in this book. I think that this is one of the better books in the series and I found it to be refreshing. At time I think the Gideon/Eva relationship is a bit too dramatic to be realistic but overall this book was a quick and fun read.

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Sylvia day never disappoints and i love that we get to see into Gideon's head this time around.

not much story but a lot of steamy sex. will not be seeking out this author again.

Oh maaaaaaaannnnnnn I need the next book nooooooooowwwwww.

Can't wait for the next one!!!


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