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Cage (2013)

Cage (2013)

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two words... HOT and Funny first let me say with out giving the story away. I loved the glitter scene. I was laughing so hard I had tears. when I read the first book I thought Greg was one of those nice guys that always finished last, never got the girl. When I read this book I find out he is a hot dirty bad boy . LOVED him.. my favorite so far. If mad, cop or beck are hotter. I will explode =) I loved Cage when I read about him in Axel's book, but unfortunately I did not end up loving his story. I didn't really care for Melissa that well either so that might have had something to do with it too. Please don't get me wrong this book is still all kinds of hot and steamy, and still has everything we loved from Harper's writing in Axel including my new love for body piercings! Melissa's nephew Cohen had me cracking up with the questions he kept asking and just the random cute things three year olds are not afraid to say! Nonetheless, I still look forward to reading Beck, and all the other Harper Sloan books!

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Yay this was another good onee :)))) I can't write longer now, I haveeee to move on to Beck&Dee ;)

I love how strong Melissa is in this book. Great female character! Cage was a beast!

loved this!!! love Greg Cage...very heartwarming and heartbreaking...

Cage is one hot alpha male!! Awesome read!!

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