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Beck (2000)

Beck (2000)

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You probably have already figured out that each of these stories will get their HEA and there is really no cliffhanger. But once again, I highly recommend that you read the books in their respective orders. If you chose to go out of order then be warned that things could get confusing because previous events are referenced in each book.If you thought the books before were serious and emotionally draining, then prepare yourself to maybe need therapy and a really good drink. Let's jump on in.This book follows Dee and Beck. Like the previous books in this series it is told through both of their POV's. Obviously you know the nature of Dee and Beck's relationship and like me, you probably thought that they were playing this back and forth game and it was really just a relationship to scratch an itch. And, Dee probably irritated you a little because all arrows pointed to her not wanting the relationship with Beck. If you were one of many that got irritated with Dee, then EVERYTHING is about to be explained.This review is going to be difficult to write because there is so much that I can't say if fear of giving away the book, some stuff I can mention, because it was touched in the other books. So, I will reveal what I can, without ruining anything.The book starts with a glimpse of Dee's childhood, which to say was abusive would be an understatement. So, the beginning of her life left a footprint that looks as if it will be embedded for life. Let's add in the fact that she was somewhat of a witness to Izzy's marriage with Brandon while harboring the guilt because she set them up, footprint is digging in deeper. Now, don't forget that Brandon attacked her in her home, well, it's gonna take an act of God to remove the idea of all that a man is or will become. I say an act of God, really just an act of Beck.The beginning of the book will focus on Dee and Beck first getting together, so the timeline is taking place during Izzy and Axel's story as well as Greg and Melissa's. So when we get into the meat of the story, it's about two years after the end of Axel and right around the end of Greg, give or take some months. I can go ahead and tell you that while everyone knows Dee as the life of the party, she has been faking that personality, in part so she doesn't have to face all that is destroying her, but also because she doesn't want to burden anyone. Beck sees right through it and is determined to break through. It's hard for him, because he continues to get shit from his boys, who keep telling him to leave her alone, why want something that doesn't want you back. Well, they just don't know.If you remember in Cage, Dee was suspicious about activity in her North Carolina office. What happens because of these activities is going to change the Security Corps family forever. Like I said, get ready. This book got to be a little heavy for me to the point that I had to stop in certain places and rest. I will tell you beware of reading this in public. Again, there are so many things that I can't say because it will truly ruin this book for you.Let's talk about some good stuff: SEX. There's a reason Beck calls Dee "wildcat". Sex between Dee and Beck caused LOTS of destruction, literally. I'm surprised that he didn't need to replace the entire inside of his home, it was like they were having an out of body experience. But, just like the others, the sex is on fire and this book needs those scorching moments to lighten up all of the heavy stuff.Beck is close to being one of my favorites, in fact, I will say that he was giving Greg a run for his money, but then I went and read Uncaged (book #4) and my heart grew even bigger for Greg. No worries, Beck is still close behind.I know that with some of the reviews that I have read for this book, some readers are irritated with Dee. I get being irritated prior to reading this book, I just don't know how you can be after you're able to understand everything that she has gone through. If anything I was more frustrated with Greg and Izzy for not noticing a friend in need, especially given everything they have been through.This book was very unexpected. I have definitely loved the series up to this book, I was just not expecting everything this book gave, in fact, I can't really say that I was willing to take it. There are moments that are going to gut you (have tissue ready), moments that will make you proud of Dee, moments that will make you want to pull you hair out and chunk your e-reader across the room, moments that may make you need a cold shower and a stiff drink, but in the end it will be a moment of love and triumph. I'm not sure why Harper Sloan saved all of this for one book, but good move by her, because if you're not singing her praises after you read this, you may want to make sure you got the right book. This may very well be a series that gets mourned for when it ends. Wow... I really, really, really love Beck. This book was touching. The things Dee went through was just heartbreaking. I could understand why she did the things she did. Im glad Beck didn't have such a horrible past and that he could be there for Dee, emotionally. No matter what. For however long. *sigh*I love to love, love. But there was one part in this book that made me cry ugly and I have yet to recover from it. I am soo sadden by the one huge event that took place near the end of the book. I think that's why Beck is my favourite of the 4 I've read so far. It made my feels jump all over the place.

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What another great read by Harper Sloan! I loved both characters! Lots of emotions in this story!

Made me cry lots, touched a few nerves, good book

4.5 stars.. Beck is so damn sweet ❤️❤️

Love, love love this series.. That is all.

So many tears...

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