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By A Thread (2012)

By a Thread (2012)

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Gin Blanco returns in book six of the Elemental Assassin series. After killing Mab Monroe, her cover as The Spider has been blown and she has all the wannabe thugs out to get her in attempts to prove themselves. Talk about annoying, you'd think her taking out a big villain would cause people to not try messing with her. Anyway, she desperately needs a vacation due to all the pesky people. Her and Bria hit the road and head back to Bria's old stomping grounds. They meet up with Bria's BFF, only to find out that Callie, Bria's BFF is being threatened to sell her restaurant or else a vampire will do something bad like torch the place and kill her.Gin and Bria are having pretty bad tension in this book. I've noticed similarities between Bria and Donovan in the past and knew he'd make a reappearance sometime soon. Much to my surprise, he actually reappears in this book as Callie's fiance. Gin basically has to deal with Donovan's bs while trying to kill the vampire that is out to get Callie. As per norm, there is a lot of plotting, fighting, and a big blow out near the end. I enjoyed listening to the audiobook, and will be getting the next one in the near future. If you're a fan of Urban Fantasy, I highly suggest this series. I wasn’t too happy at first with the beginning of Gin’s vacation. But that was my fault. I’d just finished a book where the main female character died at the end. So I was hoping my next book would erase the bad taste in my mouth. But I just kept reading and, of course, Gin always comes through in the end. But again there’s too much unnecessary repeat stuff. And parts of it could double as a cookbook. Gin? On a vacation? Good idea, but not with her luck. Besides if she wanted to use the time to get closer to her sister, she should have picked as place away from her old friends. And going to such a large resort doesn’t fit the idea of a quiet vacation. Definitely Finn’s work. I can’t believe that after Gin was able to kill someone as powerful as Mab, they’d still be people that think they take her on. They’re so dumb they deserve to be killed. If I’d been Gin, when her sister ignored her at the restaurant, I would have just left and walked home. Bria’s being a jerk. But Gin has too much class for that. Donovan is still a jerk and a bit of a coward. Owen’s idea of Donovan being attracted to Callie because of her resemblance to Gin is disturbing. I hope Callie doesn’t get hurt by it in the future. He hasn’t a clue. Both romantically and professionally. I hope he man’s up and does the right thing by Callie. Or Gin will kick his butt. They’re both are embarrassed by her lifestyle, but are willing to look the other way and take advantage of her when necessary. But at least Bria got her priorities right later, not like Donovan. I love all the runes in this series. You can tell it’s a beach vacation place in this book: a clamshell and a palm tree. I also like that Gin’s nightmare about Fletcher, definitely is not just an add-on to the book, but something that adds later needed facts to the story. Gin should have listened to her instincts. She’s usually patient, but she seems to be getting too cocky. She and Owen sure make a great team though. And Dekes was a potent (though despicable) adversary for her, and Vanessa. Awesome fight! And in the end, Donovan still doesn’t get it. Fave scenes: Gin’s nightmare, cleaning up the mess in the hotel suite and Gin’s journey through the swamp.

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Another great book by Jennifer Estep and can't wait to read the rest of this amazing series!

another great adventure with the spider!!

Donovan is such a Douche!!

Rated 4.5

so good

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