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Brightest Kind Of Darkness (Brightest Kind Of Darkness, #1) (2011)

Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1) (2011)

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About book Brightest Kind Of Darkness (Brightest Kind Of Darkness, #1) (2011)

4 StarsOkay, this is my first review ever, but I really wanna share my thoughts about this book. I was was really surprised about how much I liked it, though I was very unsure when I started it. Characters:You read the book from Naras POV and the author did a great job on delivering Naras thoughts and feelings. Right from the beginning you get absorbed into the characters dilemma with her Stränge ability to see her whole next day in her dreams the night before it happens. But you don't see her at a "normal" day, but get involved with a bomb threat right away. And from there on the really strange things start to happen.Besides of Nara there is Ethan, a loner, new to the school and with a dark secret. We only see him from Naras POV so He is as much a mystery to the reader as for Nara. Anyway the author makes it really easy for the reader to fall for Ethan, with his careful and sweet way to go. The sidecharaters are well written as well, all in different colours and shapes but feeling so real.Story: The starts with a bomb threat and from there all kind of stuff happens - just nothing we might expect. For Nara very uncomortable, though she usually sees her whole up-coming day the night before in her dreams. Starting blind into her day leaves her scared and unsure. But there is Ethan, who stays on her side. But He has secrets, too.From the first page til the end the story just a fiew times slows down, before the paranormal suspense graps you again leaving you thrilled and clueless, about what's going on and how does things go on - so of caurse you have to keep reading. The story is well written and thrilling on a subtil way, but has it's slow Moments too. Still it is a book you can fully enjoy, because no matter it's weaknesses it still does absorbe you. End :It is one reason I didn't give it 5 stars. It left me with some kind of disapointment and i wished there would be more thrilling Action and revealing. It still left me wanting for the next instalment, though.Cover:Beautiful and mysterius, showing a girl in a red dress standing in a magical forest. I love the ravenfeathers, falling down, they, too, resample the unknown secret in this brightest kind of darkness. The cover,was a reason of why i bought this book, too - i'm a sucker for beautiful covers!Recommendation:I would recommend it to every fan of twilight, fallen, evermore and evernight, though, IMO i loved brightest kind offen darkness much much more! :) Throughly enjoyed this book. It is one of the more original YA series out there, that has flawed characters & thankfully, no insta-love-complete-with-boring-triangle, because I'm really getting tired of those!Nobody is completely perfect, everybody makes plenty of mistakes, & there is real chemistry between Nara & Ethan. Time has also been spent on the plot, it doesn't always flow, but seeing as the mythology is quite involved you can forgive the odd misstep here & there. Is it perfect? Of course not. But I didn't find myself frustrated with the plot or characters like I do when reading the vast majority of paranormal YA out there. The only character whose personality evolves into something completely different is Ethan, & there are valid reasons for it. Nara on the other hand, is on a long journey, she has special abilities, but she is also HUMAN. And so are the people she surrounds herself with, it was refreshing to read. Would recommend, & I would also happily read anything else this author has written too.

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I thought it was oddly written and maybe not my favorite choice but still a nice book none the less.


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