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Bones Of Faerie (2009)

Bones of Faerie (2009)

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0375845631 (ISBN13: 9780375845635)
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About book Bones Of Faerie (2009)

the book itself was fine. plot was driving and interesting enough to keep me reading but dddaammmnn was this sucker dark. which is surprising cause its supposed to be a young adult book. it was pretty messed up. three stars for taking what could have been an awesome adventure and turning it into a book about a crazy abusive family and preeching about how wrong it is to judge people based on race. High 4. I really loved the blend of fairy magic and the apocalypse. What a good idea! The trees eat people; crops fight back when you harvest them. This is an original post-apocalyptic landscape. Fast moving plot, plot, plot. But also a sympathetic and flawed heroine who gets the job done. Recommended, if you're into this sort of thing. I'll definitely be reading the rest of these buggers. Probably actually soon.

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Post-apocalyptic Faerie! There *is* something new!

A decent book...

3.5 stars

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