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Bones Are Forever (2012)

Bones Are Forever (2012)

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While I did like the book, Reichs, in my opinion, got a little too bogged down at times in the science and technical stuff in the midst of telling the story. I still have to get used to the Temperance Brennan of the books because she seems to be a bit different that the one in the TV series "Bones". But since this IS my first Reichs book, we will have to see what happens when the next one comes up on my shelf. I didn't like the writing in this book much.I was very excited to read the 'Bones' series by Kathy Reichs, as the TV show with the same name is based upon it. As soon as I read the first page I knew I was in for a dry read. Temperance Brennan has no personality whatsoever, any emotional responses she had to events occurring in the book were simply normal responses that could be expected from any human. There were frequent mistakes where one thing was previously written and something later on contradicted the fact.Reviews I found regarding Kathy Reichs were all praising the fact that because she was an expert in the field her books were good. Rarely did I find one that commended the writing itself. One review by the Daily Express: "Reichs' real-life expertise gives her novels a authenticity that most other crime novelists would kill for" I must admit that the storyline was enjoyable, however it was written poorly. The plot twist happened to fast, and at the climax of the story, I found myself quite bored. If the writing was improved, this book as a whole could be enjoyed much more. The storyline was enjoyable enough that I continued on with reading and eventually finished the book. I can see why it was selected as a basis for the successful TV show, though I am not sure why these books are bestsellers. It can only be commended for the accuracy in details, especially regarding murder, and laws concerning it.This book was good enough that I managed to read it in two days, so I would still recommend it to people who enjoy watching "Bones". A warning, however, the characters in the book are totally different from those in the TV show.

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Too much technical jargon and Acronyms!!!! My first Kathy Reichs - may be my last!

One of my favorite forensic who-done-it series!!!! Always enjoy!!!!

This series never disappoints.

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