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Bloodrose (2012)

Bloodrose (2012)

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About book Bloodrose (2012)

Hmmmm.... so here's the funny thing. Its two years later after the third and final book of Nightshade came out, it's 2 in the morning, on October 1st, and I have just finished reading this book. Now the funny thing is that when this book first came out, i was about half through it when i stopped...... Lets just say I had a really bad feeling that the ending would not go the way i wanted. And lord and behold the everything that could have gone wrong went wrong! I MEAN WHAT WAS THAT ENDING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That is the most pathetic thing i have ever read to come from a PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR! I mean, what? Did you give up Cremer? Did you just go 'oh, its too hard... oh well lets just kill of one of the characters to make it easier'. Sorry but dat shit aint gonna fly.Ren. Ren. There should be songs and poems written about the tragedy that was your life. I mean was there any part of that boys life that was happy?! Uh, no. He was the most interesting character, the one who suffered and endured the most out of any of them! He also had the most passion and spunk! The hope i had for that boy in having a better and happier future.... I mean he didn't even need to end up with Calla *cough, cough, whore*, I was honestly waiting for another beautiful, smart, brave and worthy of Ren girl to show up and win his heart. I mean did he not deserve love?!?!?!? I honestly kinda just skim read the rest of the book after Ren.... yeah.... ssssiiiiggggghhhh. Pathetic.P.S anyone remember in book two when she had a dream about Ren and she felt like she had found home when she looked at him??? all the signs told me they would end up together.P.S.S did anyone find Shay somewhat interesting or likeable?...... can't say i did.*Sorry for being late to rant girls, just had to get this off my chest, can't sleep*xx This was one of the hardest reviews I've ever done. I still do not understand why you have asked for reviewing this book without ever having read the previous ones, since it is part of a series. Afe ... I feel that this kind of thing only happens to me, or will they? kkk Not having read the previous books, I had to assess whether the author managed to keep the pace, took off well in this sequence, etc ... What I will post here will be only my impressions of this third book in the series. From what I read this book, I think Andrea Cremer is a good teller of fantastic stories, and the story of this book, was well developed and coherent. History has a way slower pace, but there are also plenty of action, mystery, heartache, betrayal and love. Although I have not read the other books, like the way the outcome happened. I was pleased with the ending. Does that make any sense? If you are a fan of the series I definitely recommend reading this so they can appreciate how the story finally ends.

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I think this is an incredible novel that I get into the principal character. I love this book.

Fast past and action packed. Not a huge fan of the ending.

OH MY GOSH!! Took my breath away!!

I love and hate this book. Ren 3

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