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Biting Cold (2012)

Biting Cold (2012)

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0451237013 (ISBN13: 9780451237019)
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Lmao it's the American Revolution, vampire style. I wonder if they're going to write up a Declaration of Independence and everything. I'm liking the historical parallels. That way I can say, "Look mom, I'm learning!"As much as I like Merit, I'm also a little irritated by her. Although she's selfless and thinks about others, there are also times when she thinks that the world revolves around her. When Merit was having trouble transitioning into a vampire, Mallory had her back and helped her in any way she could. However, when Mallory was having issues as a sorcerer, Merit didn't repay the favor. I mean yeah, she stopped by, asked her how she was doing, but it seemed almost like it was an obligation to her, like she didn't really want to help but had to do it because it was expected of her. She felt offended if Mallory didn't drop everything to help her in any way she could, yet she never attempted to push through Mallory's defenses when her friend was clearly having issues with magic. She took the easy way out and decided to give Mallory space in hopes that all her problems would go poof. Long story short, I don't think she treats her friends well enough. However, there's no doubt that Merit's heart is in the right place, since she's always trying to fix the city's abundance of problems. She's kickass and lives by a code of honor, which is something I admire.What started off as an awesome romance is now beginning to seem a little too predictable. Every time Merit and Ethan get together, they're torn apart shortly after. I thought they would have a longer relationship after they made up two books ago, but it seems impossible. Two of the breakups were Ethan's fault, his inability to trust Merit to handle herself. I guess the double mistake is sort of justified by him being 400 years old, a creature of habit. Though if this happens again, I will punch him myself. They have an adorable, sweet, yet sassy relationship. I love how they always challenge each other and have witty arguments whenever the need arises. I'm also interested on how Jonah and the complementary magic between them will play out. I predict more angst to come! Enjoyed this addition to the series that I am currently binge reading. It was nice to finally get some answers and have some movement on the Ethan/Merit relationship drama, even if she did wait till practically the end of the book to bring them together. If she went one more book with this pattern of bringing them together and then pulling them apart I was about ready to be done with the whole lot. There is enough drama going on in this world we don’t need the tension between the two lead characters anymore to move the plot forward. Enough. Put them together and let them work as a team they are meant to be. And no more love triangles please. Sure everybody seems to be drawn to Merit, but enough.Was pleased with the direction taken in regards to Mallory the BFF who majorly effed up in the last book. I’m also please to see everyone seems ready to make her pay for her sins a little bit before welcoming her back into the fold. That is one thing that I do like about this author, she writes realistic reactions for her characters. Their actions feel authentic, even the bad guys. I may not like Tate or the GP but I can see where they are coming from. I get why they do the things they do, doesn’t mean I don’t want to see Merit put them in their place, but I love their complexity.Lot of developments in this book, and a lot of threads tied up, or partially tied up. Kind of a nice change of pace. Hope to see some development with the batshit crazy mayor and her ultra right-wing agenda in the next book. I also am going to enjoy seeing how the GP handles the events that took place at the very end of this book. The series keeps getting better, may have to look into more urban fantasy series to pick up. Perhaps that is where my tastes are leaning these days now that I’m getting a little burned out on YA and Romance. Feel free to share recommendations.

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