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At Peace (2000)

At Peace (2000)

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Thank you, Kristen Ashley! I was blown out by this book. 1000 something pages, but so totally worth it. I finished the book in about 3 books. Half of it on the night that i started reading it. Tbh, I picked the book because of the cover (it looked intriguing) and because skimming the description i thought it will be a boy-next-door type of book (read YA romance).I was surprised when i started reading that the main character, Violet was 35 years old, 2 teenager daughters and a dead husband. But the way the book was written was so interesting that i kept on reading. And boy, am i glad i did just that! The book has everything: romance, teenage drama, hot sex scenes, action, a stalker set to kill Violet and her loved ones.Amazing characters. I understand why the book was so big, the characters are so well constructed that the reader will just be sucked right into the book. I love Joe. he's my new book crush. He's everything i would want to see in a future love interest or even husband. Beautiful. Words are not enough to describe how much i love the book. and i only found out later on that it was actually part of a series (so i haven't read the first book), but i will defo read the next ones! Totally worth my time! I've read most of her books and truly, her characters are all interesting. But I have to say, Joe is one of my few favorites. I don't know but I think he has the best story in the Burg series and while not the perfect character, there is just something about his character that separated him from Colt, Mike and Layne. Per series, there's always someone that stands out and for the Burg, it's definitely Joe. Tate won for the Colorado Mountains, at least for me since all readers have different opinions and Luke Stark is definitely my favorite from Rock Chicks. Ah there's Hawk and Tack too.I love how she portrayed the relationship between Joe and the two girls, Kierra and Kate and how little by little, together with their mother, they gave him a love as sweet as no other. The Promise looks promising and can't wait to read about Benny.

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Perfect. Just perfect. I laughed, I cried, perfect.

3.8/5Great story but it's really really long.

one of the best books i've ever read

another amazing read !!!

OMG I love this author!!

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