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All The Pretty Lies (2013)

All the Pretty Lies (2013)

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M. Leighton

About book All The Pretty Lies (2013)

Just wow! I so loved this story. Hemi is right up there, high on the list of fictional boyfriends! He's hot, he's intense, he's sensitive! He's perfect! And Sloane, for being such a young character (age wise that is) I thought she was strong and true and relatable! And above all else she wasn't that typical whiny annoying 21 year old that are in some books. I truly loved her! Michelle Leighton thanks so much for writing this book, it's the first of many of yours I am adding to my favs list! It seems like Sloane's secret isn't so secret. I'm still working on Hemi's though. Might I just say that exclamation marks are not necessary. No one cares! (I always picture a fist pump when I see an exclamation mark, or that meme baby)I guess this book is for you if you like slow moving romances with innocent heroines. Sloane's innocence and I don't mean her virginity is really started to great on my nerves. Who does she think she is asking the man 20 questions about some super attractive lady he was talking to? He don't owe you anything! The things that come out of her mouth makes me embarrassed for her or makes me want to slap her face!If someone was flirting with you, they suddenly stop and you feel like they've emotionally withdrawn all the while asking personal questions about your family, wouldn't you think that's suspicious? Maybe its just me and my jaded outlook! Overall it was good, nauseatingly sappy, I scoffed at a few choice words/phrases/sentences the author used but it was okay. I don't see the hype surrounding this book though. What's with all the 5 stars?

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Five Stars!!! I really loved this nook! I do love anything this author writes, BTW!!

meh. I wanted to like it. I really did. but I found myself skipping through it.

3 Stars | Hot Steam

3.5 stars..

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