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Alfa (2013)

Alfa (2013)

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About book Alfa (2013)

This book was a bit of a departure for the series. The first two books are written in first person, and they follow the same main character, Owen. This book leaves that character behind and changes to third person perspective. I can see why it had to be that way. This story didn't have anything to do with Owen. It was all about Earl. That said, the shift was pretty jarring for me. Losing the main character I'd been following for two books was difficult. And the loss of the first-person perspective was odd too, given what I was used to. That said, it's a good story. It works. So if you're really into this series because of the world and the action, that's still in this book. But if you're like me and one of the reasons you're following the series is because you've come to enjoy Owen's character and voice... it's going to be a bit of a bumpy ride. Monster Hunter Alpha, the third book in Larry Correia's Monster Hunter series, takes a break from Owen Z. Pitt as the protagonist, and focuses on Earl Harbinger as the protagonist. Through a flashback/journaling mechanism at the start of each chapter, the reader is shown Earl's backstory, including some of the key events in his life that shaped the COO of MHI.Compared to some of the other book in this series, I felt like Alpha took a bit of time to ramp up, which may have been due to the fact that as we were familiar with Own, Julie, Milo and the MHI gang, the author had to take a step back and build backstories and develop characters for the new entrants into the series. Once done though, the book rapidly accelerates to 'full MHI action' speed. Moreover, the book perfectly positions events for the next entrant into the series.For fans of the MHI series, while you don't get more of Owen and the gang's interactions (which pushed prior ratings up into the 5-star range), it does introduce characters that will become important in the near future.Rating: 4-Stars

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Jedno z mých guilty pleasures, tuhle sérii prostě miluju :-)

Loved it! Earl Harbinger is the man!!!

Another excellent book by Larry.

More mindless fun


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