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After Math (2013)

After Math (2013)

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I didn't have a great start with the book. It started off with a lot of math puns, and I was like "okay..." but once I got into the book, I didn't put it down till I was done with it. The characters in the book were lovable, and the plot was believable. Tucker Price kind of reminded me of Christian Grey from 50 shades, but I think the way Swank built her characters was great. I probably would have liked more details towards the ending, but I'm happy with what I got. Reviewer: DonnaRating: 4 StarsBefore i read this, i thought it would be a geeky girl meets hotshot, popular soccer player and they fall madly in love, The end but i was pleasantly surprised that the story goes a lot deeper and that's why it take me long to become hooked with After Math.So you have Scarlet, the geeky, smart, talented student at university who wants to work for the CIA and spends a lot of time studying rather than as her friend and roommate, Caroline says "living life". Her roommate and friend Tina want her to start going out and meeting guys and have a social life but Scarlet suffers from anxiety so finds it hard being center of attention or being sociable. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she is approached by the soccer star of the university, Tucker Price. He wants her to tutor him in algebra as he needs to get his grades up. Scarlet spirals into a completely different world tutoring Tucker Price. He is a player and very cocky when out with his social circle and that's how everyone knows him. Scarlet is shocked to learn that person is not the real person. Tucker is quite smart, caring and they get on really well but the problem, the both have secrets from the past that they find hard to talk about so it puts a strain on their friendship. It's a very roller coaster relationship between the two but to me, that's what kept me gripped.Truly wonderful story and great characters. It's was definitely a story that kept me gripped and completely hooked from the beginning. Love it!

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