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After Ever After (2010)

After Ever After (2010)

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0439837065 (ISBN13: 9780439837064)
Scholastic Press

About book After Ever After (2010)

After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick is about two boys with cancer that are best friends. Both boys are in a difficult recovery from their various types of cancer. The main character Jeff had leukemia and he has a limp now. His friend Tad is in a wheelchair and isn't afraid to stand up for himself. In the book Jeff gets a girlfriend named Lindsey. In the story Tad, Jeff, and Lindsey all face many problems. They all get through their problems except for one person. This was a great book that was funny and very sad at some points. After Ever AfterJordan Sonnenblick After Ever After is about cancer survivor Jeffery Alper and his ways through middle school. An effect of Jeffery's cancer was that his brain doesn't work like everybody else's, and has a hard time remembering things like math problems. This is a problem for Jeffery for when he will have to take the big math test that he must pass in order to graduate from middle school. Jeffery and his best friend, Tad, have a plan to have Tad tutor him and help him pass the test, and send him off to high school.I didn't particularly enjoy this book. I just thought it was boring and not the right book for me. A part from the book that I didn't like was how the author wrote the book. I didn't like the way the author portrayed the dad in the book, even though that was his character.I recommend this book to ages 11 to 13 year olds (middle school) because kids older and younger than those ages most likely wouldn’t find the book enjoyable to read. People that enjoy realistic fiction books may like this book.

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Wow. That's all I can say is wow. I'm on the verge of bursting out on tears. I didn't except that.

After Ever After is a wonderful sequel to Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie!

Almost gave up on this one, glad I finished it.

It was a fantastic book

Also amazing

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