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Addicted For Now (2014)

Addicted for Now (2014)

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K.B. Ritchie

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Having read Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower first, I had a pretty good idea who Lilly and Lo were. Addicted to You and Addicted for Now brought them to a new, crazy level. An alcoholic and sexaholic drawn together since childhood as friends and lovers. Both now rehab & therapy,dealing with their problems and trying to stay together. One of my only gripes are is it's too long. There are a lot of unnecessary little incidents that test both their wills. Between Lilly struggling not to physically touch herself or anyone else for that matter. The little sexual quips by Connor and Ryke while funny, made light of her addiction. The random horny guys that took it upon themselves to proposition,touch,& threaten Lilly thinking its okay.What if she's didn't have Lo or Ryke? I felt Lo teased and controlled Lilly sexually. Is that what should be done to sex addicts to help them? Good story about love between sisters-Lilly,Rose,Daisy; fathers&sons-Lo/Ryke/Johnathan; and mothers & daughters/sons-Lilly and her mom, Lo and his mom. The last two probably the most painful and the most revealing for Lo and Lilly. Lo just got out of rehab and Lily is now seeing a therapist, all is well not until someone tried to blackmail them, telling them that he/she will leak the information of Lily's a sex addict. Together with Rose, Connor and Ryke, they will find the leak and keep Lily's addiction to the public before it may ruin their family busness and their name.This series is really entertaining. Ryke, Lo, Lily, Colton, etc are so funny!!! I must commend the humor of the characters!

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I'm really enjoying the characters and sibling interactions. On to the next one...

Looooooooved it!!! I love the Lo and Lil dynamic so much!



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