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Accidental Love (2006)

Accidental Love (2006)

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When i had read this book i thought it was a lovely book to read over and over. One of the reasons is that it relates to actual teenagers that go out secretly. When they do that they worry parents and gets them into trouble. Because in the book Marissa has her mother find her in the hospital with Alicia. Not only that, but there is this saying i thought that Marissa didn't do. It is "You can CHANGE the way you ACT by the way you THINK." But Marissa did not do that. Instead she did the opposite which was "Acting before you think." So Marissa was being impulsive when she was mad at Roberto showing her emotions and punching him which was physical contact she was making. Another reason why i loved this book is because it showed that some people that are nerds can be successful. Because when Rene was on the phone talking to Marissa she was affectionate to him. Plus he was one who was against violence but Marissa would stand up for him because he cared about him. But love is not about just a boy or girlfriend. It is about your family, friends, etc. Because if you care about those people you know and love they might care about you. But other than that, it got my attention that this book is really great.Book Review Down Here: For this book review I will be talking about Gary Soto, who was the author that made the book that I read which was romance. The name of the book is called Accidental love. It had been made in January 1st 2006. The book is about a girl named Marisa who picks up a cell phone she had found. She soon talks to Rene and finds out she has his cell phone. But when Marisa finishes talking to him she starts to like him. But the problem is Rene is a nerd while Marisa is a street woman. In this book the point of view it follows is Marisa’s. But instead it is in third person. When Gary Soto had made that book, it wasn’t a book that had skipped to the past or the future. It was a book that had begun normally in a high school. So when I had read it this wasn’t difficult for me to understand. One of the reasons is because I look on the back of the books cover to understand the book. So reading this book now I am understanding their struggles, differences, etc. In this book, there is not really a good human and a bad human. But what I will say is that the protagonist is Rene, Alicia, Marisa, Aaron, and Priscilla. While the antagonist is Roberto. But it does not focus on Roberto as much. From my perspective, for Marisa, it is Character Vs. Self. For the book, this is mostly about Character Vs. Self. While not all the characters in this book were boring. But it was only Roberto and Marisa’s mom. But the ones that are interesting are Rene and Priscilla because she had been introduced in chapter eight and explains how she is struggling. While I am interested in Rene because of how he is usually not cared about from others as much. What I think the author is trying to show is that not everyone does not like you for the way you are. That you can change the way you act by the way you think. Before, Marisa did not do that, but now, she is doing that. Plus when people are with a lot of struggles they actually can overcome them. To me I think theme is believable. Because it can actually help people that are nerd and not cared about. Plus, it can also show that they are not the only ones struggling. There are numerous others out there dealing with bullies, conflicts, etc. In conclusion, this book I read was really interesting. The reason so is because it talks about conflicts people have that is hard to get rid off, conflicts they have with others, etc. But that they can overcome them if they try their best with them. Now if there was another book i had with the same author, I would definitely read it. I say so because before, their other book was well written with good setting, theme etc. Plus if it was a fantasy book or another that i liked, i would definitely read that. So the type of reader this would be for is a girl. I think so because this had been based on a girls point of view. Before I am done, you can purchase this book at Barnes and Nobles for $5.99 or $6.99, Goodreads for $4.99, and Google books for $6.95.

I have just finished an romantic yet interesting book called "Accidental Love" by Gary Soto, author of "THE AFTERLIFE",(Genre: Fiction /Publication date: January 1, 2008) and despite the title and cover let me assure you that this is not one of your typical long winded "oh lovey dovey girl boy meets girl" books. I would defiantly say this book puts an unusual twist onto your everyday boyfriend girlfriend couple. The author’s style was more of a first/second person story telling style which made you feel like you were literally talking to Marisa as she narrated the story here and there. I would also describe this book as sum sort of a metaphorical caterpillar transforming itself into a cocoon with its hard exterior shell and then finally blossoming a creature glowing with radiance and true understanding of life's meaning. Marisa Rodriguez, a 14 year old Amazonian built tough Latina girl who truly believed in kicking butt and asking questions later is who I would easily describe as the metaphorical caterpillar previously mentioned. In the beginning of the book you notice that Marisa, hot tempered is also the protective type and will just about square up with anything that tries to come against her strong willed nature. She is also very protective over her best friend Alicia especially when Alicia’s boyfriend aka la rata Roberto, wreaks his parents car breaking Alicia's leg and later on her heart as a picture from the glove compartment jumps out into Alicia's view displaying a photo of Roberto with his arms wrapped around another girl. Marisa vowing to mess him up does just that as she begins to leave her home girls hospital room. Coming down the elevator Marisa catches Roberto with his nerdy math tutor Rene and she definitely shows Roberto what happens when you mess with her friends. Rene tries to break up their little scuffle and amongst all the commotion, Rene and Marisa end up exchanging phones by accident. Upon their scheduled meet to re-exchange cell phones you notice the irrefutable chemistry brewing between the two. Total opposites, Rene, the weak ,geeky, high water pants wearing, chest team playing sweet heart ends up falling for Marisa, the strong, strong minded, hot tempered, fragile ego-ed bully. Rene and Marisa begin dating and their bond only strengthens and brings the two closer together as time goes on. Marisa helps Rene turn his dreams of becoming a cooler stronger man into a reality as he also helps her loose weight and become the quick to think and slow to react girl she’s so desperately longed to be. As their up and coming school hosted play “Romeo and Juliet“comes closer Rene and Marisa both agree to audition. Rene and Marisa’s relationship also represents the Romeo and Juliet love story, with Rene’s mother forbidding him to see Marisa in fear of her corrupting sweet little Rene and with their complicated school situations, since Marisa goes to Washington and Rene goes to Hamilton. But throughout they story Rene and Marisa’s love for each other never diminished and like the play, their love lasted through all the hate and enduring obstacles they both faced at home and school so in the end they could never be apart in life or death, like Romeo and Juliet, no matter how hard people tired to stop it. I believe this book had a positive affect on me because it only enforced the already imprinted feeling that I have about love, which is that life is forever changing and anyone could be Mr. Right, so you should never count people out because you could miss out on meeting someone great. With that said it’s evident that this book appeals to the younger generation because the things mentioned in this book are some of the same thing teenagers’ face or will face later on in life and throughout the book with each read page you only hope and wish that Rene and Marisa’s love will shine through all their problems. I rate this book as a 4.5 because it grasped my attention and made sure that it never let it go and I was also glad this book wasn’t predictable like most love stories. So anyone searching for a close to home role reversal twist on a modern day Romeo and Juliet story I recommend you check this book out.

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Fourteen-year-old Latina Marisa never in a million years thought her first love would be a scrawny, chess-loving nerd like Rene, but things happen. Everything seems reversed; she's belligerant and strong, he's retiring and determined to get strong but still looks mostly like cooked spaghetti. She gets into literal fights for him, and her weightlifting regimen is picking him up. His mother is determined to break them up, but Marisa and Rene are just as determined to stay together.I liked this book, even though I thought a few elements were too facile or coincidental. Marisa's position at a bad public school, seeing her friends make the same mistakes with boys that their older sisters and mothers made, getting into fights at the first sign of disrespect, being overweight from poor nutrition, is eminently believable. Her reactions to her relationship with Rene are believable as well; she often cringes inwardly at his overt nerdiness, then castigates herself for it and tries to do better. I do think that the ease with which she lost the weight wasn't too believable, though, and the ending was a bit too neat. Nice, though, and full of hope despite the kids' situations.

When Marisa Rodriguez accidentally switches cell phones with a stranger during a tussle with her best friends’ ex-boyfriend, the stage is set for an odd romance. When she meets Rene Torres to reclaim her phone, she inexplicably falls for his nerdy charm. Marisa decides to transfer from her dump of a high school to Rene’s more prestigious charter school in a better neighborhood. Though, she gets a lot of flack from her old friends at Washington High, who think she has suddenly decided she’s better than them, she begins to enjoy her new school and all it has to offer. When Rene’s mother objects to their relationship, they temporarily split, but apparently even the strictest of mothers can’t keep young lovers apart. This is a very cute book geared towards young Latinas. The book incorporates many Spanish phrases, and might be appealing to bilingual teens. I also liked the fact that Marisa was overweight (though she sheds quite a few pounds throughout the story) and that Rene is pretty geeky. This book is a good response to criticisms that there are few YA books about minorities that don’t involve characters dealing with deviant lifestyles or major social problems. Marisa and Rene are pretty typical teens, one from a middle-class background, one in a working-class neighborhood. Though Marisa likes to scrap occasionally, neither of them are hooked on drugs, pregnant, delinquents, or victims of rape or incest. They deal with pretty normal teenage problems like fitting in, and arguing with their parents. Also, the book smelled really good. I’m not sure if this was intentional or someone at my library just spilled perfume on it.
—Elaine Pelton

Accidental Love a comedy and at the same time heart break. A really good book that I really enjoyed a lot. this book is recomended for teenagers,that are just falling inlove. this boo is written by Gary Soto. He won an award for having a good book. This romantic story starts when a 14 year old named Melinda picks up the wrong phone. then he gets a call fom Rene the owner of the ell phone, and they set up a time to exchange them. Rene and Marissa begin dating and become inseparable. Marisa ends up transferring to Rene's school and uses her aunt's address on her registration.They audition to be in Romeo and Juliet together,they both want to be in a good shape, Melinda wants to be skinner and Rene wants to have more muscles, because they are not very hot. With the time they hang out and fall inlove.This is a great story that i really enjoyed it a lot i recomended to everyone because I bet you are going to like it. My opinion of this story I tink it was very originall in the way they fall inlove and the way that they are not very similar, except for that they are not in a good shape.

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