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Gary Soto

Gary Soto
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Books by Gary Soto


Accidental Love (2006)

When i had read this book i thought it was a lovely book to read over and over. One of the reasons is that it relates to actual teenagers that go out secretly. When they do that they worry parents and gets them into trouble. Because in the book Marissa has her mother find her in the hospital with...

Accidental Love (2006) by Gary Soto

Living Up The Street (1992)

I recently read LIiving up the street by Gary Soto. This story is an autobiography about Gary Soto life, who is a Mexican-American living in Fresno, California. In the book, Soto writes about his childhood in the 1950s and 1960s,his working class neighborhood his school adventures, how he gets i...

Living Up The Street (1992) by Gary Soto

The Afterlife (2005)

Summary: In the first two pages of this novel, the main character is murdered at a nightclub; the rest of the novel chronicles his journey as a ghost through the first few days following his death. Chuy learns what it means to be dead (and to have lived) as he "visits" his friends and family an...

The Afterlife (2005) by Gary Soto

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