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A Tale Of Two Castles (2011)

A Tale of Two Castles (2011)

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0061229652 (ISBN13: 9780061229657)

About book A Tale Of Two Castles (2011)

I liked this book. The main character Elodie was spunky and very willing to embrace adventure. She had obstacles, but she also had goals and would work hard to overcome the obstacles to achieve her goals. She was a fast learner and had a fun sense of humor. I really liked the dragon Meenore too, it had such an interesting personality. Smart and clever, but with flaws. Very humanlike characteristics. The story had a quick pace and was a fun adventure. My only complaint, and it is minor, is that a lot of the writing was repetitive. Two good examples, for most of the book the dragon was referred to as IT (just like that, in capital letters) and reading that, sometimes up to seven or eight times on a page, became very annoying. Also, the Princess, Renn, had this phrase "La!" that she would say over and over. It made her seem less smart than her character was supposed to be, in my view. The writing was not always as good as Levine could be. Overall though a lighthearted, enjoyable book.-Miss JessicaThis title is available from PPLC in both print and audiobook format HERE The descriptions were very good; however, the story seemed a little disjointed and jumped quickly from event to event, as if the author was simply trying to move the story along. I found it lacking in the usual enchantment of Gail Carson Levine's stories - it was slow at times and could be confusing, and I found it quite uninteresting for the first two-thirds of the book, until the action picked up.

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An entertaining read. Not too heavy, but not childish either. I enjoyed it.

I liked it and am waiting Levine to finish the second book, Stolen Magic.

Awesome book. Enjoyed the story line very much.

It could have been worst.

Fun read.

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