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A Fractured Light (2012)

A Fractured Light (2012)

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About book A Fractured Light (2012)

Let me just start by saying that this review is going to have a bunch of spoilers. If you haven't read the first two books, BEWARE!Ok, now to the actual review. At the end of A Beautiful Dark, I was so sure that Skye was going to choose Asher. Which I was in favor of, I love Asher. Now after reading this book, I have no idea what is going to happen. I really enjoyed the second installment, maybe even more than the first book. I loved the new elements that were introduced in this book- the Guardians all over the town and school, the fact that Aunt Jo has a secret of her own, the tension between Skye and Devin even though she picked Asher at the beginning of the book, oh and whatever may be happening with Ian(i know what I hope it is at least!). So many things were happening, but at the same time, I didn't feel like it was so much that it was overwhelming. I also really enjoyed the fact that Skye decided to branch out and become her own person instead of blindly following one of the two love interests. As for the two love interests, I have no idea what team I'm on anymore. I was insanely happy that she picked Asher at the beginning, but throughout the book, I did find myself rooting for Devin a time or two. My heart broke for him! I also found myself not trusting Asher. I am still worried that he may be using her more than he is actually in love with her. I have no idea, but I cannot wait to find out how everything turns out in the last book! Un deuxième tome très sympa dans lequel Skye essaie de choisir par elle-même le camp qui lui convient. Malgré ce que Devin lui a fait, elle tente d'aller de l'avant tout en apprenant à maitriser ses dons. Elle sera, pour cela, entourée d'Asher mais aussi de ses amis. J'ai beaucoup aimé et encore une fois la fin se termine en apothéose et nous laisse grandement sur notre faim !3,5 étoiles.

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Ugh, Skye is seriously annoying in this one


The FEELS!!!!!

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