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A Beautiful Dark (2011)

A Beautiful Dark (2011)

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0061990655 (ISBN13: 9780061990656)

About book A Beautiful Dark (2011)

I was able to skim through the book in 1 hour and get the entire story down. There was a lot of angsty teenage filler (does he like me?, does he hate me?, let me ask my best friend for her input, kissing, pushing away, more kissing, romantic confusion, love triangle, friend-zoned male, etc.) and it was a very short book anyways. The plot was predictable and the only reason I skimmed the entire book is because it was quick, and I wanted to see if the book was going to have an incongruously amazing twist at the end. Spoiler alert: it didn't. I havn't liked it much, may be I have started it at wrong time. Soon after finishing my Ghost trilogy. Stories about angels are my favorites but somehow this book didn't appeal much to me.This is about angels and the book mostly covers the confusions and findings of Skye. It did gave glimpse of love triangle, which is so not my cup of tea.Its ended up with cliffhanger but I have no interest in taking up the 2nd book sooner.

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Not the best, not the worst ... It kept me interested to finish the trilogy.

What a brilliant beginning to a brilliant series!

fantastic story.

Loved its!!!

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