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A Duke Of Her Own (2009)

A Duke of Her Own (2009)

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006162683X (ISBN13: 9780061626838)

About book A Duke Of Her Own (2009)

the plot is interesting but the characters are just too shallow .... the story goes too slow in the middle.... there was no tangible progress......the hero is looking for a wife to be agood mother to his children..... yet at the same time we see nothing of his relation with his children we see nothing in the story that makes the heroine fit for the role....seriously it was too boring and the characters were a disappointment... I have to say that I liked crazy Lisette though she is fresh and her actions were unexpected she had all the characteristics to bee the heroine not the secondary heroine if she was not a little bit crazy Eloisa James knows how to make a reader laugh, cry, and smile with witty dialogue, well-rounded characters, and emotionally explosive stories. Once again, this one hits the mark with a feisty heroine, a dashing hero who is looking for a mother for his 6 by blows, and a cast of hilarious characters that fill the pages. I couldn't put it down until the wonderful epilogue concluded the story.

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3 1/2 ... A delightful distraction from the book club book that I cannot get through.

interesting plotline. the heroine was unusual and i liked her.

totally wonderful characters.. laughter, tears and HEA...

Hero irresponsibly having children out of wedlock.


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