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A Bone To Pick (2012)

A Bone to Pick (2012)

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In the months following the series of murders that led to the dissolution of the Real Murders club, Aurora "Roe" Teagarden lost a boyfriend, gained a stepfather, and attended more than her fair share of weddings. Life looked -- perish the thought! -- predictably spinster-ish, until Jane Engle, erstwhile library volunteer and Real Murders enthusiast, dies and leaves the bulk of her estate to Roe. Since Roe never considered Jane more than a casual acquaintance, the unexpected windfall is a shock -- but not an entirely unwelcome one. But Roe's excitement over the options her new, moneyed status opens for her future are quickly tempered by the suspicion that this gift is more than a happy accident of fate. Jane left her everything for a purpose...and when she discovers a battered human skull hidden in Jane's house, Roe realizes that her very survival may depend on uncovering the unassuming Jane's darkest secrets...After reading the first Roe Teagarden mystery, Real Murders, in preparation for the Hallmark film series, I couldn't resist moving on to the second installment (and the first story adapted for television). While I missed the club that first introduced Roe to crime-solving, this is a solid second outing, if lacking some of the sense of quirky community that existed between Roe and her fellow crime aficionados. But what it may lack in cozy mystery charm, it makes up for with a chick lit sensibility that provides some of Roe's most relatable moments. This is light chick lit, in keeping with the cozy genre, but it works, giving Roe a much needed, sassy single edge to her personality. I just hope that her potential romance with Aubrey, her stepfather's Episcopalian priest, continues because he is ADORBS.What the mystery of the skull in Jane's window seat lacks in cleverness or depth it makes up for in atmosphere, as this menacing, unwanted discovery forces Roe to re-examine her assumptions about Jane as well as her new neighbors. I found Roe's reluctance to admit to finding the skull -- critical evidence in a murder investigation -- frankly beyond belief, but this isn't a series that exactly relies on logic or due process. Roe's adventures are perfect for when one craves a few hours of escapist entertainment with a few chills thrown in for good measure. I'm sorry to see Roe leave her library job behind after this monetary windfall, but Roe's bookish charm is so thoroughly ingrained in her character I can't foresee her forsaking her love of literature any time soon...or so I hope! Looking forward to seeing more of Roe's adventures on-screen and in print!

The movie was better. It sometimes happens, and it happened here. The movie to which I refer is the movie version of A Bone to Pick that recently aired on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. A Bone to Pick is the second in Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris the first being, Real Murders. I read that one a few weeks ago, before picking up this second book and watching the movie. The book started out well. Aurora Teagarden is a librarian with an interest in true crime. She's not alone. Aurora was a member of the Real Murder Club where those with similar interests discussed famous solved and unsolved murder cases. In Real Murders, when one of her fellow club members was murdered, Aurora set about finding out who did it. This time around Aurora inherits a house, money and a mystery from Jane, a fellow club member and retired librarian. The money and the house are a Godsend, the mystery not so much. The mystery centers around a human skulls Aurora finds hidden in the window seat of her new house. For awhile Aurora contemplates the possibility that sweet, old Jane had an even deeper interest in true crime than anyone realized. The idea that a sick, elderly woman could have bludgeoned someone to death and removed his head is soon dismissed. So then the question is who was the victim and who is responsible for his death? Sounds like promising beginning, right? Unfortunately, after that the mystery sort of fizzled out. My main problem with this book is that Aurora spent more time worrying about her social life than about the mystery. A sleuth, amateur or otherwise, should spend time looking for clues, questioning suspects, and well, trying to solve the mystery. Aurora does almost none of that. She does spend a great deal of time thinking and wondering about the what might have happened, but she spends little time testing her theories. In the movie version in contrast, Aurora actively tries to solve the mystery.So this was a disappointment. At least there is still Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. If Hallmark Movies & Mysteries decides to make more movies from the Aurora Teagarden series I will watch them, not so sure I'll read any more of the books.

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The one thing that bothers me about this website is that everyone feels the need to add a synopsis of the book; I can easily find that elsewhere. My main purpose for using this website is to find books that might appeal to me and find out what other people's perceptions are of the book, not an exaggeratory 20 paragraph synopsis. Now that I have that off my chest I can say that Charlaine Harris is one of the best, light and fun authors out there. I seem to find myself reading her books in the summertime when we're all looking for something entertaining to read. If you're looking for something that could be nominated for "This generation's next great classic" you won't find it here, and I don't believe that Ms. Harris is intending it to be. Charlaine Harris does however have a variable vocabulary so it isn't entirely a bird book (fly right through without having to think). So if you're looking for something with a good story line, humour, mystery, entertaining and with a smidge of romance, Ms. Harris always delivers.

A short book following Aurora Teagarden and her life of murder mysteries. This book was easy to read, but I struggled to finish it, even as short as it was. Aurora, or Roe as she is called, is having a rough start to her year. Wedding to attend, including her ex-boyfriend's wedding; job problems; romantic life problems; and a funeral start off this story. Fortunately, Roe is named in the will of one of her murder mystery group members. Instantly, Roe knows that ole Jane had to have a reason to leave Roe a house and some money. There must be a mystery to be solved! And so Roe solves it in record time. My biggest complaint about this book is how the mystery is all wrapped up, along with a few other mysteries that were unsolved, with no real discussion or revelation as to why the murderer was running around killing folks. I mean, this is a small town, you would think this type of behavior would have been noticed over the years.

a 3.5 for me. I like the Aurora Teagarden series and I will likely read the rest of the series. It's not the best cozy series but it's fun and suspenseful. This series is more for starter cozy mystery readers because of how easy and breezy it is. I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I really like Charlaine Harris's writing and I especially love her Harper Connelly series. Before you even think of reading this one go read book 1 "Real Murders". :)
—Richard Denney

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