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1Q84 (2011)

1Q84 (2011)

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Impressive for its imaginative power but entirely too long and mundane in sections. Tengo and Aomame aren't interesting enough characters to warrant 1100 pages, but Murakami does paint an impressive portrait of quotidian 1980s Japan. The allusion to Orwell isn't necessarily relevant, and the fantastical elements of the story cloud what could have been a more poignant subject. I suppose the love story elements can stand alone independently as a valuable option for a reader, but only to the most disciplined. This was my first Murakami book. I was impressed with his ability to fashion such a wide-encompassing story out of seemingly nothing, but I found myself not caring enough about the more paranormal elements to really follow along or care by page 700+. This was one I only finished because I invested so much time in it. I really enjoyed the way this book opened up and that is why I will give it one starFor me after that there was far "too much of everything", i.e plot deviations, superfluous content, irrelevant distractions, information that led nowhere and finally a book far too longIt is not quite correct that I "read" it. I did start reading every word, however, by the time the "little people" came out of the girl's mouth and the dog died, (approx halfway), I was already speed reading simply to get to the end of the book with sufficient understanding of where the story was going to end up.I sincerely hope Wind Up Bird Chronicle holds my attention or for sure I will never read another.Cheers

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Loved this book, wacky premise but a great ride.

I will read more of his books.

Not his best.

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