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Tara Janzen

Tara Janzen
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Books by Tara Janzen


Loose and Easy (2008)

Finally, Janzen has the breathing room (400 pages as opposed to her usual scant 300) to get the job done. This is a very satisfying romance with a very satisfying suspense plot. Esme is a tough girl without being a generic "warrior princess" type - she has a lot to learn, but she's a good PI an...

Loose and Easy (2008) by Tara Janzen

Loose and Easy Loose and Easy (2008)

Not really my brand of fluff. It felt like 2/3ds of the novel was introducing and gushing about characters from the other books in the series, she spent way too much time trying to convince the reader that these guys were SUPER COOL in high school, and every chapter followed the same pattern: sta...

Loose and Easy Loose and Easy (2008) by Tara Janzen

Crazy Cool (2005)

Steele Street and Tara Janzen presents to us another crazily exciting romantic suspense packed with guns, cars, gorgeous military men, a thrill ride, romance, and steamy sex.It's absurdly ridiculous how much I enjoyed this book despite it's flimsy plot, choppy progression, messy narration, and al...

Crazy Cool (2005) by Tara Janzen

Prince of Time (2001)

This review is from: Prince of Time (The Chalice Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)This was book three of the trilogy and it did not disappoint. All the characters from the previous books were brought together to fight the final battle between light and darkness and good and evil. It has well-drawn charac...

Prince of Time (2001) by Tara Janzen

Avenging Angel (2012)

3.75 Stars Romantic Suspense Winner of 1993 Rita Award for Short Contemporary, Avenging Angel by Glenna McReynolds aka Tara Janzen tells the story of an undercover law enforcement hero who is hellbent on reaching the woman he loves, to save her from the clutches of a man who wants nothing else ex...

Avenging Angel (2012) by Tara Janzen

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