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Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue
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Books by Emma Donoghue


Frog Music (2014)

I found the beginning of this book oddly worded. It read more like the script for a play to me, which I did not care for. After that, the story alternates between what happened before the death of Jenny and after. I found that this did nothing to enhance the story, but instead, made it less en...

Frog Music (2014) by Emma Donoghue

Stir-Fry (2006)

“In what day in what month of this queue of years would she find that she had become a rootless stranger, a speck in the urban sprawl?” – Stir-fry page 13If there was one book that I read and I thought ‘this book is me’, this book is it. It is a book that stayed with me and even if I someday f...

Stir-Fry (2006) by Emma Donoghue

The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits: Stories (2003)

Have I ever been so in love with a book of short stories as this? The only one I can think of that would come close is Margaret Atwood's Good Bones, but that was less a book of short stories than it was a collection of prose poems and reimagined faerie tales. No, this is it. And Emma Donoghue is ...

The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits: Stories (2003) by Emma Donoghue

Slammerkin (2002)

“Clothes outlived people, she knew that. Clothes were more of a sure thing.”“Slammerkin” refers to both a loose woman and a loose gown, and the sartorial is a constant motif in this story about a teen-aged prostitute named Mary Saunders in London and Monmouth, a Welsh border town, in the 1760s. ...

Slammerkin (2002) by Emma Donoghue

Hood (1998)

12/20/2013: Here it is January 24. Oops. I got derailed over Christmas, and I’m just getting back to the important work of book reviews! Of course, since much of the point of writing these reviews is to help me remember what I’ve read, and it’s now a month since I finished this book, I…um…don’t r...

Hood (1998) by Emma Donoghue

Touchy Subjects: Stories (2006)

I hadn’t read any Donoghue, so thought a collection of short stories would be a good introduction and safer than investing in a novel (burned by Sarah Waters, I won’t assume a mainstream writer will necessarily be good).These are terrific. If there had been more lesbian stories, it would have got...

Touchy Subjects: Stories (2006) by Emma Donoghue

Landing (2007)

Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri - Buchseele Emma Donoghues „Zarte Landung“ ist gleichzeitig faszinierend und anstrengend. So gegensätzlich wie die beiden Protagonistinnen in diesem Roman waren auch meine Empfindungen beim Lesen.Einerseits war es für mich irgen...

Landing (2007) by Emma Donoghue

Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins (1999)

"Climbing to the witch's cave one day, / I called out, / Who were you / before you came to live here?/ And she said, / Will I tell you my own story? / It is a tale of a kiss."Do you ever find a book and just know it's going to be everything you love in the world? Only you can't read it right away...

Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins (1999) by Emma Donoghue

Life Mask (2005)

I’ve known for so long that reading books are no different from going on trips–we pack our imaginary suitcases and fly elsewhere according to our whims. Reading historical fiction gives us the bonus perk of time-travel so apart from the freedom in choosing our dream itineraries, we’re also very m...

Life Mask (2005) by Emma Donoghue

The Sealed Letter (2008)

Emma Donoghue is an Irish-Canadian playwright, novelist and literary historian with a gift for immersing herself in the past and presenting it for modern readers in the form of well-crafted stories. Her bestselling, award-winning novel Slammerkin (2000) captures the underworld of prostitution in ...

The Sealed Letter (2008) by Emma Donoghue

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