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Zero History (2010)

Zero History (2010)

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0399156828 (ISBN13: 9780399156823)
Putnam Adult

About book Zero History (2010)

Really satisfied with this book - a very thorough conclusion to the trilogy.Again it was a fast paced and enjoyable story telling. It neatly tied off the story of key players of the first books, including a sympathetic conclusion for Cayce Pollard.However Gibson's weak points as a writer were exposed and it was all too familiar ending - it felt like "Mona Lisa Overdrive" again, but with an enkranoplan instead of a cyberspace car. Many of the elements of the story seemed refined versions of the Sprawl trilogy, however using current, technically feasible concepts provided by friends and experts (Gibson never claimed to be an information technology genius!)Another minor negative about this book is that is does not work as a standalone - you have to have read the previous ones, and I personally did not enjoy the first one.I would be interested in the further adventures of Hubertus and Co in another trilogy (or expansion of this series). Gibson is getting and better as a writer and I reckon he has not hit his peak yet. This is the final book in the Blue Ant trilogy and the latest novel that Gibson has published to date. I found "Zero History" to be a great story, flush with an exciting plot development and engaging characters. I was extremely happy with the novel, especially after the lackluster "Spook Country". I would definitely recommend this novel to someone who is interested in science fiction or William Gibson.

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Stopped caring too much about the characters by the end of this one, not as good as the last.

I'm not sure exactly what Gibson does but he does it so well!

How does he come up with this stuff?

Now I get it! Fun story

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