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Zero Day (2011)

Zero Day (2011)

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0446573019 (ISBN13: 9780446573016)
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About book Zero Day (2011)

I wanted to read “The Escape” of David Baldacci, but I realized it’s John Puller series which I never read earlier.Initially I felt bored on the way the introduction was given, and narration it started, slowly it picked up the pace. The way the Author left the reader with no idea of what is going till the end of the book. When the family of DIA officer was found murdered, Puller was called to assist the local police [Sam ]on investigation. Sam didn't like Puller initially but slowly in turns to a unspoken love for each other.Story rotates on guessing who’s the murder with a suspense on “Big Thing” which is not revealed till the end of the story.Characters in between add right essence to the whole plot with mixed emotions.I enjoyed reading this one, I’ll be starting his sequel “The Forgotten”... If the brutal murders weren't enough to upset the little coal town in West Virginia, the arrival of a highly trained Army investigator would definitely get attention. And then there's the rich and arrogant coal baron who suddenly seems agitated, and the local police officer found dead outside the house where the original murders took place. Something is definitely amiss.Zero Day by David Baldacci (Hachette, 2011) is the fast paced thriller that follows the Army investigator from clue to confusing clue, and from one dead end to another. What he finally uncovers is a timely story of greed, treason, and collusion that is a good read right through the last page.

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I really liked this book. So what if it was like Jack Reacher. That's what I was looking for.

Listened to the sole "puller series" on cd. Great story and better readers.


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