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Zeitsplitter - Die Jägerin (2014)

Zeitsplitter - Die Jägerin (2014)

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I feel like the author could have put a little more thought into the time travel aspect of it. Every couple pages she would explain away a complication by having the characters say "Well, it's a paradox" or "It's not a paradox" without going into further detail. It was as if I, as the reader, should just accept this turn of events without questioning *why* these events were paradoxes (or weren't).I also thought some of the teen drama and the love triangle was unnecessary. It detracted from the story line, and it didn't help me to sympathize with the characters (who were already kind of Mary Sue, etc). In fact, it made me sympathize less with them, especially Em. Great characters are arguably the most important aspect of a good book, so without that the book fell quite flat for me, in spite of a very interesting series of events throughout this book. It had potential, and a lot of people here on Goodreads really enjoyed it, but it just didn't do it for me unfortunately. Ok. First of all, I have not yet written an actual review on Goodreads. THIS book deserves one (though I'll keep it short)What an incredible book! I was hooked from the get-go. I am so incredibly impressed with the author, she managed to keep a book full of action, still build likeable characters, and have a solid plot... NOT an easy feat (since so many fail in the YA genre)!!My heart broke with the characters with every page I turned! You could see where the story was going, yet still completely be surprised and completely engrossed in the stories! I wish there was another one, yet it's so perfect the way it is that I'm glad there isn't. There aren't many books that leave me with this empty feeling once it's over... Because I yearn to continue with the characters... This book brought that feeling back. I highly recommend it!

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This book looks super scary - i have not read it

3.5 stars round down to 3.


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